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Burial ceremony – step by step, how to organize it

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MPUK Municipal Funeral Services in Warsaw offers its help and care in burial ceremonies for the deceased one closest friends and family. MPUK Municipal Funeral Services in Warsaw has an experienced staff in funeral branch that may assure you of the highest quality of services carried out in a fully professional way with the necessary help in going through the hard times of burial procedures.

When a beloved one has passed away, one of the first thoughts apart from the grief and sorrow, is also how to prepare a burial ceremony. A lot of us wonder what type of burial I should choose- cremation or traditional way? What are the necessary formalities that need to be done? What types of documents should I collect?

Read the tutorial to find out how we can help as a professional funeral service company in Warsaw.

What should I do if my friend or relative has passed away at home, in a hospital or in any other circumstances?

When people die in their living place, first thing we should do is to call an ambulance, so an authorized personnel would confirm the fact of death and make a protocol. The next step is to inform a funeral service company to transport the corpse to the mortuary. From general practitioner (primary care physician) you’ll get a death protocol.

When death took place in a hospital we will obtain a document which already includes the ID of the deceased one.

When death occurred as a result of tragic circumstances (for ex. due to a crime, an accident, etc.) it is necessary to call the ambulance as well as police and inform the district prosecutor (D.A).

Forensic medicine facility determines what exactly caused the death. Only after that we can obtain a death protocol. The body may be allowed for burial only with the prosecutor’s official consent.

After we obtain a death certificate and ID card of the deceased one (if you don’t have one you need to make an appropriate declaration) we need to go to the Registry Office to get a death certificate. We have only 3 days for that or 24 hours if death was caused by a contagious disease.

What documents are necessary for burial procedure?

To organize a burial by a funeral company, usually we need to have:

–   a death protocol;

–  a death certificate;

–  ID card of the deceased one;

– optionally, proof of employment or latest pension or retirement bill of the deceased one (for social security funeral allowance procedures).

When you organize burial on your own

If you knowl how the deceased one wished to be buried, there are several issues to be settled: choosing his resting place, booking cremation date (if that was the actual will) her organizing ceremony for final farewell. If you decide to prepare burial on your own you will also have to deal with all the formalities concerning cemetery office or Social Security Office (ZUS). In that case an official application should be submitted including all the necessary documents, bills, proofs of kinship or affinity, insurance premiums and many others. Only then you will be entitled to be paid a funeral allowance from Social Security Office (ZUS).

How MPUK Municipal Funeral Services can help ?

If you are scared of all those formalities, you can entrust all of them to MPUK Municipal Funeral Service in Warsaw. Visiting one of our 9 service desks in Warsaw you can sign all the necessary documents in one place to organize burial ceremony on your behalf. No further formalities or visits in offices and registries will be required. We should do our best to help you with all the organizational matters as well as support you to meet all required formalities. In that case you can call us any time at  608053943 or contact via e-mail.: